UNOMAN is a unique concept that can get you expensive, delicious, high quality clothing within fashion.
The reason for our prices is so low, we get the products delivered directly from the factory.
This means that you do not have to pay VAT on the sales price and therefore only pay VAT on the production price.

Here's an example of buying:

  • A pair of jeans from our shop costs 53 Euro (which is considerably cheaper than the retail price)
  • Import VAT that you will have to pay for this pair of jeans is 5 Euro (normal VAT would have been 13 Euro which is 25 percent of the item price)
  • You save 8 euro on the VAT and get a considerably cheaper shop price due to delivery directly from the factory.

So your total price will be 58 Euro incl. VAT!

If you had to make this purchase in the shops, then a pair of jeans of this design and quality could quickly cost about 133 Euro. It would therefore be a saving of 75 Euro.

By a purchase, you will have to pay the 53 Euro via our webshop immediately (the money is only raised when the item is shipped, as the law says). When your product arrives you will pay the 5 Euro for the import VAT to the carrier. And then there is not much else to do than to enjoy your new purchase.

Delivery of the goods usually takes 2-3 working days in all Europe from the day after we received your order!

Return Policy
30 days full return policy with exchange of goods or money returned.
If you want to undo your purchase, you can press return and follow this simple manual!

Cooperation with Customs & Tax
Several of our customers have asked if this is legal and the answer is YES. We have carefully examined these rules and been in dialogue with Customs and Tax, so yes, there is no scam and scam.

We live by making our customers satisfied, and since we will be the largest in Denmark with this concept, we will provide the highest service for our customers.
Besides that, we have an agreement with the factory that there are 2 weeks full return with getting exchanged your product or getting your money back.